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Saturday, 17 November 2012

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Monday, 12 November 2012

New Delhi: Amidst much fan fare, Aakash 2 Tablet has been unveiled. This tablet has been released by Pranab Mukherjee, President of India. It has been manufactured by Datawind, a Canadian Company which has produced Aakash and Ubislate series of devices. The present device is having better features and specs when compared to the predecessor model.
Aakash 2 Tablet has got seven inches screen size and capacitive type of screen. This tablet is powered by 1 Ghz processor. This device is going to be offered to students at subsidy price of Rs.1,130. But the commercial version of the tablet to be made available to the general public will have heavier price tag than this one. Since the tablet has been unveiled, many people are showing interest to purchase this new version of tablet. When compared to the response and bookings of Aakash, the response for this tablet is low. Many people started losing interest in Aakash series of devices, because the first version of the device didn’t reach the expectations and it didn’t get delivered properly.
Speculated news roaming on internet suggests that bookings of Aakash 2 tablet are going to be made available for online pre bookings. But nowhere on the homepage we can find the links for online booking or pre booking of Aakash 2 Tablet. Some other websites have mentioned that Aakash 2 is nothing but Ubislate 7Ci tablet, as its other name. But this tablet is present in the website of Datawind since long back and it should not be the one released just recently. So, we suppose that the details of Aakash 2 Tablet haven’t been updated on the official website of Datawind.
Even after the release of Aakash 2 tablet, there are people who have booked first version of Aakash but didn’t get the device till now. This is the case with most of the people who have booked pre orders of Aakash 1 tablet. Datawind didn’t gave proper responses regarding the shipping of Aakash tablets to many people who have booked online.
Helpline number for knowing the status of Aakash 1 tablet is 1800 1802180. Getting the line connected to this number is itself a nightmare because users, as in most cases, might need to wait for many days altogether. After many trails, he or she can connected to the executives on this number. Even if by chance anyone gets connected to this number, the answer he or she would get is to simply send a mail to (as in many cases). Again, one have to wait long to get response from this email address.
If you have also tried for pre-order bookings online to get Aakash Tablet, share your experiences through comments.

Aakash 2 tablet timeline journey

Worlds most anticipated and cheapest Aakash tablet got popularity throughout the world but poor performance and poor battery life put Aakash tablet future at stake. Later, Datawind and IIT Rajasthan conflict added more frustration for the Govt of India. In last 3 months, Aakash demand was reduced a lot due to the poor performance of the device.

When the Android tablet "Aakash" was released publicly, then Datawind was the official manufacturer of Aakash. It was Datawind's responsibility to fulfill the 1 lakh requirements by Govt of India but Datawind distributed only 30,000 units to Govt of India so far and rest of the units were kept for online sale on their websites. And DataWind was selling the tablets in the name of UbiSlate, which is the retail version of the tablet. DataWind has interchangeably used the names Aakash, Aakash-2, UbiSlate 7 and UbiSlate 7+, adding to a lot of confusion on the Aakash brand name.

Moreover, the big thing that disappoints commercial buyers is poor performance and poor battery backup. Moreover, it is disappointing for poor students and other buyers who cannot afford to have expensive tablets. As Govt of India promised Aakash tablets at $35 but Datawind Ubislate 7 is priced at $50. Above are the reasons that disappoint students and commercial buyers. These above reasons are responsible for the decline of Aakash tablets demand in India.

Govt of India after receiving negative reviews from customers took decision to upgrade Aakash tablet and assigned the project to IIT Rajasthan but again conflicts occurred between IIT Rajasthan and Datawind during Aakash 2 testing. Datawind called Aakash 2 tablet the military specification tablet. Finally, KapilSibal came to action last month and addressed media persons that Datawind contact will expire once they give us remaining 70,000 tablets and then we can make upgraded Aakash2 tablets by our own using IITs and other Indian organizations. Aakash 2 tablet will have 'made in India' tag.

Aakash 2 tablet online booking details

Kapil Sibal, Human Development Minister few days back addressed media persons and said that upgraded Aakash 2 tablets are one month away from its launch. Kapil Sibal has given clear timeline and confirmed that exact launch period of Aakash tablet will be in April 2012. He also confirmed that upgraded Aakash 2 tablet will not come with huge price hike. Aakash 2 price is expected to be same as that of its predecessor. In Lok Sabha, when some MP asked about Aakash tablet he replied gently by saying, new Aakash 2 tablet is going to launched soon in April 2012 with advanced features and specifications.Aakash-2 tablet online booking will be started in April 2012 once it is released.

Aakash 2 tablet features and specifications

Exact specifications and details of Aakash-2 tablet is unknown yet. Based on limited information available from various sources, it will be much more enhanced than its predecessor. Aakash 2 tablet will offer upgraded features and specifications to improve the performance of the tablet. It includes new processor which is three times faster in comparison to previous Aakash tablet. Aakash 2 specifications include 700 MHz A8 processor with high battery life which is of 3200 mAH capacity. The same battery will provide three hour usage time. The best thing which I noticed is capacitive screen which provides smooth touch screen that looks good to feel and touch. Moreover, it includes additional SIM functionality which is used as mobile phone and offers GPRS connectivity for internet accessing.

Govt of India made its stand clear by confirming that initially produced Aakash 2 tablets will be received by the students pursuing education from higher technical education institutions because these technical students will better able to give technical feedback's on tablet usability and other parameters. 

Govt of India is also looking for funds in order to avail the cheap tablets to students under the National Mission of Education. It is the dream project of Govt of India to provide quality education at affordable prices and soon students will able to make online booking of Aakash 2 tablets in India. 

Price of Aakash-2 tablet
This project is inspired from one laptop per child programme and comes with a new price tag of $40. At this time, I hope that students will get upgraded Aakash 2 tablet soon at price tag set by Govt of India. 
Government of India has made the second generation Aakash tablet PC Aakash 2 available for all. Online pre booking for the second generation of Ubi Slate has been started through official portal of the manufacturer Datawind. Aakash 2 Aakash 2 Tablet PC Online Pre booking Started on datawind websiteis expected to be launched commercially in December 2011. Lines are open now for online pre booking.

Aakash 2 is the upgraded version of the first generation Aakash Tablet PC. It is available at the same price of the predecessor Rs 3000, commercially and at discounted price of Rs 1750 for students. It is upgrades with a processor of 700 MHz Processor which means it is 3 times faster than the original tablet. RAM size is upgraded form 256 MB to 1GB. Battery life was another concern with Aakash 1, it was having only a Battery life of 3 hours, but Aakash 2 gives a battery life up to 5 hours.

What's New in Aakash 2

1. Processor Upgraded from 366 Mhz to 700 Mhz
aakash pc tablet 2. RAM Size Enhance from 256MB to 1 GB
3. Battery Life upgraded from 3 hours to more than 5 hours, new battery of 3000 maH
4. Inbuilt Camera which was lacking in aaksah 1 one is rectified with 5 MPcamera in Aakash 2
5. It comes with a Headphone/mic plus integrated speaker, which was lacking in First generation Ubi Slate
6. Additional feature include car chargers and option to attach external antenna to it
7. Aakash 2 is having 2 USB Ports
8. 3G Enabled

How to book/Buy Aakash 2 online

You can book the Latest version in the Aakash series Aakash 2 in the official website of the manufacturer Go to the page and enter the details asked. The sales team of Aakash 2 will contact you by through Email or by Mobile Phone.

If you have any doubt regarding the sales of the Gadget, please contact by mail, for bulk orders or call 1800 180 2180. Students can book the tablet at discounted price of Rs 1215 through SMS (exclusively for students), SMS - AAKASHPC to 9870207070. 

How to Book Online Aakash 2 Tablet – Book New Aakash 2 Tablet Online

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As you all now Aakash 2 Tablet is going to launch in October. Now you can book your new Aakash 2 Tablet 2 online. As online Booking of Aakash 2 Tablet has been start now. Book your Aakash 2 Tablet as much as quickly limited Stock of Aakash 2 Tabletavailable.
Book Online Aakash 2 Tablet, Online Booking of Aakash 2 Tablet

How To Book Aakash 2 Tablet ?

You can book Aakash 2 Tablet from official site As Aakash 2 Tablet online booking has been started. Interested people can book there Aakash 2 Tablet by clicking on the below link. After booking you will get one number keep note it for future. You will recieve your new Aakash 2 Tablet from October at your Home. You can also book your Aakash 2 Tablet by calling on this number 1800.180.2.180 For more information of Aakash 2 Tablet online Booking click on below link.
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